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Niles Chiropractor Dr. Mark J. DeMalio

Dr. Mark J. DeMalio

Chiropractors successfully handle a wide variety of health problems by helping reduce nervous system interferences (usually along your spine) to your body’s own natural healing powers. Dr. Mark DeMalio is a Niles area chiropractor who offers a diverse range of approaches to help Trumbull County residents who truly want to be healthy…we adhere to time-tested chiropractic principles to restore you to optimal health! Explore our site! Find out how we use chiropractic adjustments, orthotics, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression therapy and nutritional supplements to produce relief and promote wellness.

Progressive Chiropractic

True health is an inside-out process which is controlled and regulated by the nervous system. It doesn’t work any other way. Visit our Niles practice and see how we combine proven chiropractic techniques with state-of-the-art clinical excellence.

Better nervous system, better sleep, better digestion, better energy—better everything!

Call us today and take the first step toward optimal health with an appointment with Dr. DeMalio. Find out how today’s safe and natural chiropractic care can help you!

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Helping families in the Niles, Warren, Howland, Cortland, Girard, Mineral Ridge and Trumbull County communities through chiropractic care.

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