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Vertebral Distraction Pump

Vertebral Distraction Pump

The Vertebral Distraction Pump in action.

There are several different terms used to describe spinal disc problems and associated pain; herniated disc, pinched nerve, disc protrusion or bulging disc are the most common variation you may be familiar with. Regardless of what it is labeled, there is severe to moderate pain associated with this condition.

Dr. DeMalio has incorporated a revolutionary, technical advancement into his chiropractic practice that helps eliminate the pain associated with spinal disc conditions. The Vertebral Distraction Pump has helped hundreds of people have relief from the pain of spinal disc injuries and conditions.

Conditions The Vertebral Distraction Pump Is Used To Treat

  • Back Pain Resulting From Spinal Disc Injuries or Degeneration
  • Generalized Lower Back Pain
  • Mid Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • And More…

The Vertebral Distraction Pump is great for Seniors who may not have a great deal of pain, but have lost flexibility and want to maintain there current active lifestyle.

Call Dr. DeMalio today at Chiropractic Today with Dr. Mark J. DeMalio to schedule your consultation and see how The Vertebral Distraction Pump can help you.

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